Interview with Louise Yaxley, Radio National AM

18 December 2013

PRESENTER: Mr Hockey, Labor says that you have padded these figures to make it look worse to build your case for big cuts. Have you padded them out? In particular, the unemployment predictions? TREASURER: Not at all. That just goes to prove that Labor does not understand what they are talking about. That is how […]

Interview on Sunrise, Channel 7

18 December 2013

PRESENTER: Treasurer Joe Hockey joins us now. Good morning Treasurer. TREASURER: Good morning Sam. PRESENTER: In releasing the update, you have said Australians are going to have to adjust their expectations of what governments can provide – that we have to live within our means. Talk us through that. TREASURER: The fact is we have […]

Interview on the Today Show, Channel 9

18 December 2013

PRESENTER: The Treasurer joins us. Good morning to you. Where are you going to make those cuts? TREASURER: Good morning. The first thing to do is identify how big the challenge is and that is what we did yesterday. We identified that unless action is taken we are going to end up with $123 billion […]

Interview with Chris Smith, 2GB

18 December 2013

PRESENTER: Treasurer, good morning. TREASURER: Good morning. PRESENTER: I tell you what, the Hockey family will not be choosing you as Santa Claus this Christmas – black suit, black tie, you look like an undertaker. TREASURER: It is a job that needs to be done. If I want to be able to do the right […]

Interview with Leigh Sales, 7.30, ABC

17 December 2013

PRESENTER: A short time ago the Treasurer, Joe Hockey, joined me from our Canberra studio. Treasurer, thanks for your time. TREASURER: Great pleasure. PRESENTER: The MYEFO says that Australians will have to adjust to reductions in some spending to which they've become accustomed and you said in your speech today that they will also have […]

Interview with Neil Mitchell, 3AW

11 December 2013

TREASURER: Good morning. PRESENTER: Well what are we headed for here? We have got the GMH problem, we have got Toyota added to it and you are talking about new debt levels. What sort of situation is Australia facing? TREASURER: I want to say that Australia has a terrific future, but we have got to […]

Interview on the Project, Channel Ten

5 December 2013

PRESENTER: Treasurer Joe Hockey is at Parliament House. Joe, last week you said that we all have to be prepared to pay the price to keep Qantas in Australian hands. Did you know this was coming? TREASURER: It was pretty clear. A number of aviation industry analysts foreshadowed that Qantas was going to be announcing […]

Interview with Leon Byner, Radio 5AA

5 December 2013

PRESENTER: Good morning. TREASURER: Good morning. PRESENTER: Well the ADM decision, I think was good, but you would be aware of all the kerfuffle about ADM? TREASURER: Yes. PRESENTER: You properly even saw the informant didn’t you? TREASURER: No. But quite a few people sent me books about ADM. It was a decision that was […]

Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News

5 December 2013

PRESENTER: Joining us is the Treasurer. More debt is not the answer to debt - how do you answer that claim? TREASURER: Labor has left us with this debt. You do not just get elected and switch off all the locked in expenditure which Labor left us with. You have got to actually deal with […]

Interview on ABC Radio’s AM Program

5 December 2013

PRESENTER: Good morning Mr Hockey. TREASURER: Good morning Louise. PRESENTER: How is it credible to do a deal with the Greens after years of painstaking efforts to vilify them? TREASURER: We have certainly had our differences with the Labor Party as well but the Labor Party has made itself entirely irrelevant in economic policy. They […]

Interview with Graham Richardson and Alan Jones, Sky News

4 December 2013

RICHARDSON: Fresh from an historic deal with the Greens, here he is, Joe Hockey, good evening, Joe. TREASURER: Good evening – I do not know how to take that. RICHARDSON: Well, is it not true? JONES: Joe, I would prefer to introduce you [as] fresh from several scintillating performances at Question Time. RICHARDSON: Oh, he’s […]

Media Conference, Canberra

4 December 2013

TREASURER: I am here to report on the September Quarter National Accounts released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This is the economy that the Coalition has inherited. It covers the period up to the end of September this year. it is also a look at the economy through the rear view mirror. It is […]

Interview with Ross Greenwood, Money News, 2GB

4 December 2013

PRESENTER: Our Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey is on the line, many thanks for your time, Joe. TREASURER: Not a problem. PRESENTER: Look, here is the interesting part about this, the deal with the Greens. Yesterday you could not get an agreement with the Greens or the Labor Party regarding Temporary Protection Visas. Today you are […]

Media Conference, Sydney

29 November 2013

TREASURER: Thanks for coming so early. I'm here to make an announcement about the proposed application by Archer Daniels Midland to buy 100% of GrainCorp. We have such an early press conference because at this point the markets are closed in both the United States and in Australia. After long and careful deliberations, I have […]

Doorstop interview, Sydney

28 November 2013

JOURNALIST: Qantas. Do you think that it should be allowed to have a lot more foreign ownership in the company? TREASURER: This is an issue that Australians need to consider carefully. Almost all countries around the world have foreign ownership restrictions on their airlines and Australia does as well. But clearly, we have a changing […]

Interview with Neil Mitchell, 3AW

28 November 2013

PRESENTER: Treasurer Joe Hockey, good morning. TREASURER: Good morning, Neil, I do not know if I should say it but Merry Christmas. PRESENTER: Why? TREASURER: We are getting close aren’t we? PRESENTER: I know but why wouldn’t you say it? TREASURER: Well I was just wondering whether I should wait until December, if I am […]

Joint remarks on Australia’s Chairmanship of the G20, Parliament House, Canberra

25 November 2013

PRIME MINISTER: This is a very important meeting because as you all know on 1 December Australia assumes the chairmanship of the G20 and it is very important that we make the most of our year in the Chair to showcase Australia and provide economic leadership to the wider world. We need to see more […]

Interview with Fran Kelly, Radio National

14 November 2013

PRESENTER: Treasurer Joe Hockey is in our Parliament House studios. Treasurer, good morning. TREASURER: Good morning, Fran. PRESENTER: We'll come to debt in a moment, Treasurer, but departures first. Kevin Rudd goes, you forged a friendship with Kevin Rudd. You even tramped the Kokoda track together. Are you sorry to see him go? TREASURER: No, […]

Interview with Leon Byner, 5AA

7 November 2013

PRESENTER: Joe Hockey, thank you for joining us today. Look, this has been a discussion that has been at the G20 for a while. Are we going to clamp down on this? TREASURER: We are chairing the G20 next year. Tony Abbott and myself are chairing meetings in Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns. One of the […]

Interview with Jon Faine, ABC Radio, Melbourne

7 November 2013

PRESENTER: The Federal Treasurer joins me from Sydney. Mr Hockey, good morning to you. TREASURER: Good morning, Jon. PRESENTER: What happened to the budget emergency you were talking about during the campaign? TREASURER: It is still very much there. When I release the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook people will see the true state of […]

Joint media conference, Sydney

6 November 2013

TREASURER: Today is another step forward in clearing the decks in relation to the true state of the Budget. On coming to Government, my colleagues and I were advised that there were 96 announced, but unlegislated tax and superannuation initiatives left behind by the previous Government. Today, I am announcing that we are dealing with […]

Doorstop interview, Melbourne

30 October 2013

TREASURER: I'll just start by saying I'm very pleased to be here at the official opening of the AOT Group's world headquarters here in Melbourne. It is a signature building for the people of Melbourne and Victoria and it is home to a new business that is certainly leading the charge for Australia in the […]

Interview on The Project, Channel 10

28 October 2013

PRESENTER: Joe, I assume you have a lot of respect for our leading economists. Are you saying they have got it wrong? TREASURER: Yes. PRESENTER: So Joe how did they get it so wrong? TREASURER: Because you have got to look the entire picture and look at the challenge that we have in addressing climate […]

Interview on AFR Sunday

27 October 2013

PRESENTER: Fifty days since winning power, the Abbott government is beginning to lay out its economic agenda – and Treasurer Joe Hockey has been especially busy off the back of his recent visit to the US while in the grip of its debt crisis. Among his announcements this week – lifting the government debt ceiling […]

Doorstop interview, Sydney

24 October 2013

TREASURER: Today the Coalition is releasing the Mining Tax [Repeal] Draft Legislation. It is now time for the Labor Party to listen to the Australian people. Yesterday the Labor Party was opposing the savings we do not have. Today the Labor Party is opposing the savings we do have. They cannot have it both ways. […]

Media conference, Canberra

23 October 2013

TREASURER: Firstly, let me say that I think we are all thinking about the people who are affected by the bushfires today. It is a tough country out there. It is a damn tough country. Obviously, the Federal Government will be doing anything it possibly can to assist in fighting the fires and to assist […]

Interview on John Laws Program, Radio 2SM

23 October 2013

PRESENTER: On the line I have the admirable Joe Hockey. Joe Hockey, good morning and welcome to the program. TREASURER: Good morning, John Laws. PRESENTER: Did you like that, the admirable Joe Hockey? TREASURER: Admirable? Well, I knew you were a smooth talker but that takes it to a whole new level. PRESENTER: In the […]

Interview on ABC Radio, AM

23 October 2013

PRESENTER: Joe Hockey told Louise Yaxley he is asking for one big increase in Australia’s debt ceiling to avoid a series of political stoushes over it. TREASURER: I think the thing that undermines market confidence and business confidence is when the Government says they will not exceed a certain level of debt and then keeps […]

Interview with Annabel Crabb, 7.30

22 October 2013

PRESENTER: Treasurer, welcome back to 7:30. TREASURER: Good to be with you. PRESENTER: Now if there were such a thing as a Joe Hockey mantra of late it would be that governments need to live within their means. So why are you extending the national credit card limit by two thirds to $500 billion? TREASURER: […]

Interview on Ross Greenwood Show, Radio 2GB

22 October 2013

PRESENTER: First up the debt limit, does this imply that the Budget is perhaps in even worse shape and you cannot turn it around in the sort of speed you predicted before the Federal election? TREASURER: There has been deterioration in the Budget bottom line. Labor was not upfront about the real state of the […]

Media conference, Canberra

22 October 2013

TREASURER: Thank you very much for coming along today. Cabinet has made two decisions which I particularly want to announce today. The first involves increasing the debt limit for the issuance of Commonwealth Government securities. The second is the Commission of Audit. Firstly, I announce today that the Coalition Government will have to increase the […]

Interview with Amanda Drury, CNBC Television

15 October 2013

PRESENTER: First of all Treasurer, how would a United States default affect Australia? TREASURER: It would affect the world. It is almost inconceivable that the United States would default on its debt repayments. I think members of Congress know that. The question is – how are they going to ensure that this extraordinary period of […]

Interview on Sky News, Australian Agenda

13 October 2013

PETER VAN ONSELEN: Welcome back, you're watching Australian Agenda.  Well, less than an hour ago the new treasurer Joe Hockey over in Washington DC found time to have a chat with us in between his busy schedule.  We started off by asking him what he thinks is going to happen next in relation to the […]

Doorstop interview, Washington D.C.

11 October 2013

TREASURER: It has been another very interesting day here in Washington. Following my meetings on the Hill, I see that the Republican leadership has offered a deal to President Obama. This is an important step forward because it ensures that America does not default on its debt. As I said yesterday on the ABC, I […]

Interview with Fran Kelly, RN Breakfast

10 October 2013

PRESENTER: Treasurer Joe Hockey is in Washington on his first overseas trip as the Australian Treasurer. He spent the day on Capitol Hill speaking with Congressional leaders. Joe Hockey, welcome to RN Breakfast. JOE HOCKEY: Good morning Fran. PRESENTER: It is a pretty interesting time to find yourself on Capitol Hill. Who have you been […]

Joint media conference, Canberra

27 September 2013

TREASURER: Today, the Minister for Finance and I are releasing the Final Budget Outcome for Labor's second last Budget. This is the Budget that they promised to deliver a surplus on more 500 occasions. It has now come out to be an $18.8 billion deficit. The fact of the matter is it is a litany […]

Interview with Ben Fordham, 2GB

25 September 2013

PRESENTER: The Treasurer of Australia Joe Hockey. Mr Hockey, good afternoon. JOE HOCKEY: Good afternoon. PRESENTER: How’s the job going? JOE HOCKEY: Very well. PRESENTER: You paused there for a moment? JOE HOCKEY: I’m sitting in the office in Canberra thinking I am going to have another late night but it is... PRESENTER: It is […]

Doorstop – APEC Finance Ministers’ Meeting, Nusa Dua, Indonesia

20 September 2013

JOURNALIST: You are effectively spearheading the new Government’s engagement with Asia and the world. Can you give us an account of how the last two days have gone and how those introductions have gone? TREASURER: We have had a number of very important discussions and bilateral meetings – Finance Ministers from Indonesia, Korea, China as […]