Delivering prosperity and growth for Australia

4 December 2014

The National Accounts released this week reiterate the need for Australia to work hard for future economic growth. Complacency is our enemy. After an almost unprecedented 23 consecutive years of economic growth, prosperity will not come our way with a policy to do nothing about our future. Today I reiterate to the Parliament the Government’s […]

Statement on September Quarter National Accounts

3 December 2014

PowerPoint Slides - 517KB The National Accounts released today showed the economy grew at 0.3 per cent in the September quarter and 2.7 per cent over the year. These figures represent the first twelve months of the Coalition in Government. During the corresponding twelve months of the previous Labor government annual growth was just 1.9 […]

‘Stand and Deliver’ book launch, Canberra

27 November 2014

Well, Laurie this is a very awkward habit for me because I did have a written speech and I have just cast it aside again and my staff  have just become apoplectic, again. You are right, 15 times I have had the honour of addressing the National Press Club. As you said, the Treasurer’s traditional […]

Chief Executive Women Treasury Case Study Launch, Canberra

25 November 2014

Thank you very much Kathryn. You know, Martin wrote me some notes for today and they identified him as Treasurer as well. So, I will cast those notes aside. Well, thank you and to all of you, ladies and gentlemen. It is, in a sense a great honour to be here to launch this case […]

Statement – G20 Finance Ministers meeting, Brisbane

15 November 2014

Finance Ministers met today for their fifth and final meeting under Australia's Presidency in 2014. We have now delivered our action agenda to the Leaders for their discussions today and tomorrow. The focus of our efforts this year are based on a collective determination to deliver more economic growth and, as a result of that, […]

Employment in the G20 Agenda – ‘Ambitions for the Brisbane Summit’ – L20 Summit

14 November 2014

Thank you for the warm introduction. In turn, let me welcome you to the beautiful city of Brisbane. It's a pleasure to be here today to talk about how the idea of 'rebuilding economies, jobs and wages' influenced the G20 agenda this year. Nine months ago, when I first met with G20 Finance Ministers and […]

Australian Institute of Company Directors’ Annual Dinner, Adelaide

6 November 2014

Introductory remarks Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and thank you David for that kind introduction. It's a pleasure to be here in South Australia and having the opportunity to talk to all of you at the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Annual Dinner. The AICD has for over 20 years, been working with businesses […]

Address at the launch of the Deloitte Access Economics ‘Unleashing Productivity’ report, Canberra

29 October 2014

Thank you Gerhard for that introduction, and I thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, for inviting me to launch Deloitte Access Economics' report "Get out of your own way - Unleashing productivity". I love the title. And, as usual, you've produced something that is both incisive and accessible. Productivity and cutting red tape are […]

Defining our future,
Institute of Economic Affairs, London

13 October 2014

Thank you Mark for hosting me today. This is my first trip to London since I was appointed Treasurer just over twelve months ago. Perhaps no city in the world over the last five hundred years has witnessed the highs and lows of global economic change more than this town. So it is encouraging to […]

Treasurer’s closing statement, G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting, Washington DC

10 October 2014

We've concluded the final working session of the G-20 finance ministers and central bank governors under Australia's presidency. It is a great pleasure and has been a privilege to have held the presidency this year, and I'm indebted to my colleagues around the table for their spirit of cooperation and their support. We have heard […]

Remarks at the Signing Ceremony for the Global Infrastructure Facility Collaboration Arrangement, Washington DC

9 October 2014

TREASURER: My first meeting of G20 and the IMF World Bank was here last year. In the original meeting Jim said that he really wanted the World Bank to focus on building infrastructure that would help to lift the quality of life for millions of people around the world. It was immediately obvious to me […]

Keynote Address, ‘The path to Brisbane – Setting up the G20 to make a difference’, Washington DC

8 October 2014

Introduction Thank you Matt and thank you for the invitation to speak. The CSIS is held in the highest esteem and that's no surprise: you're ranked the number one think tank in the world for security and international affairs. I would also like to congratulate you on re-locating to your new headquarters just over two […]

Treasurer’s closing statement, G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting

21 September 2014

Today concludes the Cairns meeting of G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors. This is our third meeting this year, and let me say it was marked by a strong spirit of cooperation, helped no doubt by the wonderful Cairns community and environment. The main outcome from this meeting was the excellent progress we are […]

Keynote Address, Future of the Tropical Economies Conference, Cairns

18 September 2014

Good afternoon and thank you for your kind invitation to speak at this conference. I’d like to thank Professor Sandra Harding and her team here at James Cook University for producing the State of the Tropics report. I would also like to thank Cairns Council and Mayor Bob Manning for their hospitality. It’s great to […]

Bloomberg Summit, Sydney

16 September 2014

Thank you for the invitation to speak to this summit about the critical work Australia is undertaking through its Presidency of the G20 this year. Obviously, things have changed a great deal since I was here just over twelve months ago as Opposition Treasury spokesman. None the least there have been significant changes in the […]

ANZ Economic Leadership Lunch, Melbourne

5 September 2014

Thankyou Mike for the very kind introduction. I would like to take a moment to thank both you and Richard [Goyder] for all your work this year on the B20.  Under Australia’s leadership business leaders have provided the G20 with valuable policy recommendations.  The B20 has added important momentum to our G20 reform agenda. The […]

Ministerial Statement on G20-OECD Tax and Transparency

4 September 2014

Introduction If we are to unleash the productive capacity of Australia’s economy, create new jobs and unlock innovation, foreign investment is essential. That’s why this Government welcomes foreign investment. As we have said many times before, Australia is open for business. But opening our doors to business also means ensuring that multinational companies pay tax […]

Keynote address to the Foreign Investment Roundtable, Sydney

29 August 2014

Introductory remarks Thank you, Jennifer, for inviting me to speak today. And thanks to you all for making this roundtable a priority. I know you are busy people. Today I’ll be talking a little bit about China’s economy and how it relates to Australia’s need for foreign investment. Then I’ll talk about the reform of […]

For richer, for poorer: What governments can (and cannot) do to grow national prosperity,
ANZSOG National Conference, Canberra

6 August 2014

I do make a confession: a few years back I had Harry Kewell and he is a very famous soccer player – I didn’t know that at the time, and I walked into a school hall with 1200 kids who were very excited and I said what am I doing and they said, “you are […]

Opening remarks, Forum on Infrastructure and Superannuation, Sydney

25 July 2014

Well, thank you everyone for coming, particularly to the Premier of NSW Mike Baird, to the Treasurer of NSW Andrew Constance, to all of you as industry representatives and particularly the former Treasurer of Australia, Peter Costello and the now Chairman of the Future Fund. This has come about at the suggestion of the former […]

Making Australia ‘Future Ready’
Luncheon Address, 2014 Economic and Social Outlook Conference, Melbourne

3 July 2014

This year marks the 50th anniversary of The Australian newspaper. As someone who is not yet fifty years of age, I have particularly enjoyed The Australian’s republishing of stories from key events from the last half century ranging from the turmoil in Indo-China to the disappearance of Harold Holt. Reading newspaper clippings and remembering these […]

A Budget for Opportunity,
Address to the Sydney Institute

11 June 2014

There has been much written and said about the Abbott Government’s first Budget. Praise for the Budget has recognised that the structural reforms, and the solutions to systemic deficits and growing debt, help lift economic growth over time and put public finances on a sustainable footing. In fact in just the last 48 hours, the […]

Post Budget Address to ACOSS, Sydney

21 May 2014

Thanks Cassandra. I think I'm mic’d up here. Firstly to you, thank you for asking me along and I don't think it's a traditional thing for Treasurers to come along to ACOSS conferences but I really did want to come. I wanted to come really to begin by expressing my gratitude to all of you […]

Post-Budget Address to LNP Queensland

16 May 2014

To my good mate, and I hope he is still my good mate, Tim Nicholls, Treasurer of Queensland, and to all of you ladies and gentlemen, it is a great honour to be here in Brisbane. You know, I was looking at that video and it tells the story of what we're about to do, […]

Post-Budget Address to Higgins 200 Club

16 May 2014

Thanks very much Kelly. I feel as though I was just walking into the middle of the MCG, it's a long way. And to you Peter, we all stand on the shoulders of giants and indeed you are, and what you've done for the country I could only hope to in some part, replicate. And […]

The Government’s Budget Strategy,
Address To The Australia-Israel Chamber Of Commerce

2 May 2014

Well thank you so much Mark. You gave me a whole new angle on the low value threshold I must say and I hear you about workplace relations. There is only so many mountains you can climb at any one moment, so I look forward to you helping me to climb the mountain that I […]

The Case for Change,
Address to Spectator Magazine Function

23 April 2014

Introduction I am delighted to be here today as a guest of the Spectator Magazine. As many of you would know, the Spectator Magazine in the UK has a long and distinguished record of commenting on politics and current affairs. The magazine was first published way back in the nineteenth century, in 1828. I am […]

The Global Age of Responsibility, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee Conference

9 April 2014

It is of course 20 years since the establishment of the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee. Over the last two decades the Committee has played an important role championing the international infrastructure that underpins and strengthens the global economic ecosystem. This week the G20 and Bretton Woods Institutions such as the World Bank and the International […]

Australia’s G20 agenda, Address to the Institute of International Finance

20 February 2014

Introduction Thank you for your warm welcome. In turn, let me welcome you to Sydney, my home city and I believe one of the great cities of the world. This is the first time the Institute of International Finance has held an event in Australia, so let me say what a pleasure it is to […]

Australia’s Role in Strengthening International Consultation and Cooperation, Address to the Lowy Institute

6 February 2014

This is my first address to the Lowy Institute and I would like to begin by thanking Frank Lowy and his family for their generous support of this increasingly influential institution. I have long admired Frank Lowy. His story, his enterprise, his philanthropy and his love of Australia represent the very best of our nation. […]