Tax Laws Amendment (Combating Multinational Tax Avoidance) Bill 2015

18 September 2015

Mr Speaker, this Bill implements the Government’s 2015 Budget commitment to combat multinational tax avoidance. This delivers on our promise to ensure Australia is at the forefront of the international fight against tax evasion. We already have some of the strongest taxation integrity rules in the world, and we are determined to make these rules […]

Ministerial Statement on the Global Outlook and
the Australian Economy

9 September 2015

Introduction Mr Speaker, I have just returned from the G20 meetings in Turkey, where Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors from the 20 most influential economies discussed the global outlook. The frank and honest exchange about the real challenges we all face provided me with a sense of cautious optimism. Whilst the global economy faces […]

Building a modern Silk Road,
Address to the B20 plenary session: Navigating through the global low growth and low interest rate environment,
Ankara, Turkey

4 September 2015

I want to begin by thanking Turkey for the opportunity to talk today with the B20 about the global challenges we face. Forums like these give businesses the opportunity to provide valuable input to the G20. As I have said before, the business community must hold our feet to the fire on our promised reforms. […]

Address to the National Reform Summit jointly run by The Australian and the Australian Financial Review

26 August 2015

Recently I started reading a book titled No Ordinary Disruption which was written by three McKinsey Institute bright sparks Richard Dobbs, James Manyika and Jonathan Woetzel. It is a compelling read, perhaps summarised in an early line that “the familiar world is no more.” I suppose that nothing better illustrates the end of “the familiar […]

‘The economic case for personal income tax cuts’, Address to the Tax Institute and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

24 August 2015

Thanks Stephen for that kind introduction, to Lee and Noel for your leadership of your respective organisations and thank you, everyone. I really appreciate the invitation to come here to further progress the essential national debate about tax reform. As Treasurer, my view is that our tax system is holding us back from reaching our end goal of a stronger […]

Foreign investment reform package
Second reading speech

20 August 2015

Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 Mr Speaker, today I am introducing legislation to strengthen Australia’s foreign investment framework. This legislative package shall ensure Australia maintains a welcoming environment for investment – but one that ensures that the investment is not contrary to our national interest. These reforms shall ensure that from 1 […]

Address at the Australian Automotive National Summit

19 August 2015

Thanks Steve for that introduction, and thanks also to the Motor Trades Association of Australia for hosting this summit. I welcome the fact that the MTAA has come together for an important discussion on the industry, and how to take advantage of the opportunities of the future. A unified voice is a powerful voice. The […]

Address at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Leaders’ Summit

17 August 2015

Thanks Peter [Hood — President of ACCI Board] and thank you, everyone — it's great to be here to open the ACCI Business Leaders Summit. ACCI has, for more than two decades, been an outstanding voice for Australian business — whether here in Canberra, nationally or overseas. You've been served well by Peter and, in […]

Opening remarks: China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue, Canberra

13 August 2015

It is my great pleasure to welcome you and your colleagues to the first Strategic Economic Dialogue to be held in Australia. Since our successful meeting in Beijing last year, Australia and China have signed a landmark Free Trade Agreement which secures improved market access for businesses on both sides while promoting increased two-way investment. […]

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Bill 2015
Second Reading Speech

13 August 2015

TREASURER: Mr Speaker, today I am introducing legislation to enable Australia's membership of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Asia faces a major infrastructure financing gap, which is estimated at US$8 trillion over the current decade. US$8 trillion of economic infrastructure that is vital for growth in the region. In a significant step to address this […]

Address at the COSBOA National Small Business Summit, Sydney

17 July 2015

Introduction Thank you so much for inviting me along today. Thank you to MasterCard for sponsoring today's event. In particular, I'd like to pay tribute to Peter Strong who's been a tireless champion of small business, indefatigable, I would say. He's done that not only in Australia but globally. In fact, you may not know […]

Address at the PwC Tax Reform Forum, Melbourne

15 July 2015

Introduction Good afternoon everyone, and thanks Tom (Seymour) for that kind introduction. It's great to be here today to continue this important conversation about tax reform in Australia. As you all know, I started this conversation with the Australian people back in March when I launched the tax discussion paper and stated the Government's desire […]

Address to the Liberal Party’s Federal Council, Melbourne

27 June 2015

Mr President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, fellow Liberals. It’s going to come as a surprise to many people, but all wisdom and knowledge doesn’t come through the air conditioning of the ministerial office in Parliament House. We get our best advice from you. People right across our community. When I joined this great Party […]

Appointment of Susan Ryan AO as Ambassador for Mature Age Employment, Canberra

24 June 2015

Well thank you so much Zed and also to Luke Hartsuyker who is here and works very hard as a Minister for Employment Services in particular. Can I particularly recognise former Senator Susan Ryan who we are investing as an ambassador and I never thought I'd be doing that for you Susan, so investing as […]

Medical Research Future Fund Bill 2015

27 May 2015

The Abbott Government is focused on ensuring our best and brightest Australian medical researchers remain at the forefront of developing treatments and creating cures that will improve the lives of Australians and millions of people around the world. That’s why, last year in the Budget, we committed to creating the $20 billion Medical Research Future […]

Budget 2015, House of Representatives

12 May 2015

Madam Speaker, I move that the Bill for the 2015 Budget now be read a second time. Tonight I am speaking directly to you the people of Australia. I want to inform you of the next steps in the Government’s plan to strengthen our nation’s economy. As we all know over the past twelve months, […]

Launch of the ‘National Prevalence Survey of Age Discrimination in the Workplace’ report, Sydney

23 April 2015

Thank you so much Susan. You know, I've known Susan Ryan for nearly 30 years. That's because 30 years ago I was leading student protests against her when she was Education Minister in the Hawke Government. So it has been a long and, I must say, I have a great deal of respect for her […]

Address to the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Crown Towers, Melbourne

22 April 2015

Introduction Thanks very much for your kind welcome, Mark.  Thank you also to Leon. It’s really good to be back after having spent the last week in detailed discussions with Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors at the Spring Meetings of the IMF and G20 in Washington.  There is a growing sense of optimism about […]

The Next Wave of Global Economic Growth,
Speech to the Morgan Stanley event in New York

15 April 2015

James Gorman Introduction I’m not sure if everyone knows this, but James is a born and bred Australian, from Melbourne.  Through his talent, leadership and a hell of a lot of hard work, he has earned himself an amazing career as a global banking leader. New York has been good to James as it has […]

Speech to the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research Public Forum on the Intergenerational Report

8 April 2015

Introductory remarks Good morning and thanks John for that kind introduction. I'm delighted to be here today to talk to the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) about the policy challenges and opportunities an ageing demographic presents for Australia CEPAR have been strong advocates of the Government's recently released Intergenerational Report, and are […]

Australia’s Economic Prosperity,
Address to the Institute of Public Affairs, Melbourne

31 March 2015

Welcome It is great to be here today at the Institute of Public Affairs. The IPA is the world’s oldest free market think tank. Your commitment to preserving and strengthening society’s social and economic framework has been important in Australia’s strong performance over the last 40 years. Underpinned by a series of major economic reforms, […]

Launch of the Tax Discussion Paper

30 March 2015

Thank you so much Cassandra for firstly hosting here and thank you for being someone who does make a very significant contribution to the national debate and policy debate. It is vitally important that ACOSS have a loud voice and they certainly do with Cassandra Goldie. I appreciate all that you have contributed in the […]

Opening remarks at the Australia China Business Council: Canberra Networking Day

25 March 2015

Thank you very much John for those kind words. And thank you respected members of the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) for inviting me to speak at your Networking Day here today. The ACBC has worked over the past 40 years to bring together Australia’s business sector to advance our relationship with China. Australia and […]

Speech to the Paint Place Conference, Gold Coast

20 March 2015

Thanks very much, Mark, and to Angie for asking me along today and to all of you. Thank you for the opportunity to come along. Really, this is an opportunity to hear from you and to engage in the conversation about the issues that matter most to you, but I do want to say emphatically […]

Tax and our Future,
Address to the Tax Institute of Australia National Convention, Gold Coast

20 March 2015

It is great to be here on the Gold Coast and thank you to the Tax Institute for inviting me to speak at your annual national conference. May I begin by thanking you for what you do? You play an important role in educating your members and the broader tax profession about taxation policy. You […]

Address to the Chatswood Chamber of Commerce Lunch

13 March 2015

Thanks very much Steve. Can everyone see the screen? I don't know. Can we pull that down a bit so you can see the screen, is that possible? Because that table there can't quite see the screen. We're going to have a little slide show. [inaudible] So Steve, thank you, and to your Worship the […]

Address to the AICD Leaders’ Edge Lunch, Brisbane

6 March 2015

Thank you so much John. It feels – it's actually quite confronting having a biographer [inaudible] part of your history. But I must say, given all those years ago, and it must be close on 30 years ago when we were sitting at that table, and here you are introducing me, it's a great privilege […]

Ministerial Statement on the 2015 Intergenerational Report

5 March 2015

Today, the Government has released the 2015 Intergenerational Report. The Intergenerational Report is the social compact between the generations – children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents and each other. It projects what the Australian population, economy, and budget could look like in 40 years and shows that Australia’s best years are ahead of us. It provides us […]

Address at the Australian Jewish News 120th birthday celebrations and commemorative book launch

26 February 2015

Thank you so much Bob for that thought provoking and genuine speech. It was in many ways inspiring and I am reminded that in our country we can speak frankly and honestly with each other and be proud of the fact that we come from diverse backgrounds. I also recognise your general manager Rod Kenning who […]

Opening remarks at the launch of the National Seniors Age Management Toolkit

20 February 2015

[Inaudible] And to you Susan Ryan, it’s great to be in your presence again after many years as good friends. To all of you, well welcome to the best toyshop in town and that’s what it is. I’ve never worn a suit at a Bunnings, I must say. So, this is a remarkable Bunnings. It’s […]

Jobs, Growth and Opportunity,
Speech to the NSW Business Chamber, Sydney

19 February 2015

Introductory comments Thank you, Patricia, for those kind introductory words. Some of you may not know that, before Patricia served in the NSW Legislative Council, Patricia was a student and teacher of history. Patricia’s maiden speech to the NSW Parliament, made pointed references to the lessons of the past, but importantly focussed on a vision […]