20 December 2013
Media Release - #41, 2013

Foreign Investment Review Board appointment

Today I announce the appointment of Mr Patrick Secker as a part-time member of the Foreign Investment Review Board for a five-year period.

The Foreign Investment Review Board is a non-statutory body established in 1976 to advise the Treasurer.  The Board’s functions are advisory only.  Responsibility for foreign investment policy and for decision making on investment proposals rests with the Treasurer.

Mr Secker has extensive experience in agriculture and agribusiness over a number of decades. His appointment to the Foreign Investment Review Board fulfils a commitment by the Government to expand this area of the Board’s expertise.

Mr Secker was a primary producer, agricultural retailer and company director before entering politics. Further, as a member of the Australian Parliament, he represented the rural South Australian electorate of Barker.

As a fourth-generation farmer and long-serving member of the South Australian Farmers Federation, Mr Secker has maintained a close interest in agricultural sector developments and issues.  During his time in Parliament Mr Secker served on a number of committees including the Primary Industries and Regional Services Committee, and the Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Committee.

Mr Secker will become the sixth member of the Foreign Investment Review Board, joining Mr Brian Wilson as Chairman, Mr Hamish Douglass, Ms Anna Buduls, Mr Michael D’Ascenzo AO as members and Mr Jonathan Rollings as Executive Member.  I congratulate Mr Secker on his appointment.