18 December 2013
Media Release - #36, 2013

2014-15 Pre-Budget Submissions

The Government is inviting submissions from individuals, businesses and community groups on their priorities for the 2014-15 Budget.

The 2014-15 Budget will be a key step in the budget repair task faced by the Government. It will help define how the Commonwealth can live within its means, pay down Labor’s debt and aim to build sustainable budget surpluses of at least 1 per cent of GDP by 2023-24.

The Government places considerable importance on receiving community views in developing its budget strategies and policies.

In order to allow views to feed into the budget process at an early stage, I ask that interested parties lodge submissions as soon as possible, and no later than Friday 31 January 2014.

Lengthier submissions should ideally include an executive summary of no more than two pages, and be accompanied by an electronic version.

Submissions should be forwarded to the address below:

Budget Policy Division
Department of the Treasury
Langton Crescent

Or email to: prebudgetsubs@treasury.gov.au

Contact officer: Mr Stephen Hally-Burton
Telephone: (02) 6263 2543